Natalie Dormer as suggested by ladystud who knows me too well when it comes to art promts >__>

in hindsight this seems really really creepy and kinda weird but i just really reallyreally like Natalie Dormer ok

texture’s not finished yet (i don’t even think I was supposed to start oops) but this is it for today. 

October 11th — and with 2 notes

Doing some initial concepts and storyboard for our competence project at DADIU. It might be a tad too cartoony but we’ll see. 

October 8th — and with 2 notes

Ughhh I gotta make six of these for tomorrow
I kinda hate perspective drawings…

October 6th — and with 2 notes

Quick ~20 min sketch of Natalie Dormer. It’s not perfect, but likenesses aren’t my strong suit so I’m pretty happy with this!

i have such a crush on her, it’s becoming a problem

October 4th — and with 5 notes

"Imagine Natasha having a day off to spend however she likes."

Hanging out on her rooftop with the stray that seems to have adopted her. I like these two together

September 29th — and with 2 notes

Todays assignment, thumbnails, 1st iteration, 2nd iteration and final handin

We had to make 1 simple character, 1 interactable object and 5 background elements and make a composition with them. Goal was to be able to tell a story in just one picture.

I only had 4 shades of grey and most of them were way too dark but oh well.

September 29th — and with 3 notes

I’ve been working on this babe most of the evening and I really want to finish the face rig but it’s also nearly 1AM and I need to get up tomorrow


September 28th — and with 1 note

Another ballpoint pen sketch from class with some quick colours slapped on in Photoshop lmao

A classmate kept complaining about me only drawing girls so I decided to indulge her. No hands though. I don’t love her that much.

September 27th — and with 4 notes

Maybe this is turning into a sketch a day kind of thing?

Anyway, ~20min sketch of Vaya with a gun for the Gobacks with Guns challenge over at the Elfquest forums

September 24th — and with 0 notes