I’m back from Roskilde Festival!

Man I have missed drawing! To amend that, here’s Abaddon in festival gear, nebulas and uh.. “flower” crowns and all <3

Limited palette challenge  (send me characters, this is super fun!)

Ygritte with no. 14 for ladystud 

MAN I love this palette but I wish the dark colours had been much darker, the values are really off, sticking to the midtones was pretty hard

June 16th — and with 1 note

Wooooo okay, I was a pinch hit artist for rose_the_hat (read her story here!) for this years SPN J2 Big Bang

There were a couple of fuckups and wOW I’m not one for doing likenesses, but I’m pretty happy with the result, especially since I was also crunching at school with finishing up our film and game. 

Yay vacation! I’m trying to actually do something apart from sleeping these days, haha

Very early stage WIP of a thing I’m making. Currently trying to work out the composition and stuff. 

Snails are neat. So’s mushrooms :3 I’m hoping to get to play around with subsurface scattering a lot on this one. 

April 17th — and with 0 notes
#3d #wip 

First one’s a sketch (Firstborn of the Never Ending from the Jink series), second one is a WIP of my character Wildfire. I’ve spent almost all of my free time modelling or researching lately, it feels great :3

March 29th — and with 2 notes

I like how I make a post saying “don’t expect too much SPN since I’m kinda not watching it atm” and then make a Supernatural related spitpaint the same day. 

30 min. Theme: Bloodbath

~3 hour zBrush sculpt of a conehead/High One from Elfquest. Great fun but damn I ran into some weird issues!

January 20th — and with 7 notes

Well, another year has passed which mean that the Elfquest Fanart Calendar is out and I can post my submissions! 

Top one is by far my favourite artwise, but it was the second one which made it into the calendar because the judges found the subject more interesting (and yeah, I totally agree)

Go check out the entire calendar here or here, there are lots of great submissions!

I’m currently painting my closet door in a japanese-inspired 4 elements kind of thing ^___^

Still worried I’ll fuck it up tbh but we’ll see

1 week final project after a 2 week Zbrush course. I’m still working on it (and I need to rig it as well, I wanna use it for my final project til semester which is SOON)

Based off of the various classic pictures of the Devil in goat form, the Baphomet. Ish.